Error #2015: Invalid BitmapData (class for pixelate bitmap)

I am trying to rebuild “Pixelator” class writen by Eric Hallander, becouse I need it for my personal site, and orginal class doesn’t give me all that I need. I thought I have everythig right scripted but after compilate debuger gives me an error:

ArgumentError: Error #2015: Invalid BitmapData.
    at flash.display::BitmapData$iinit()
    at tmk::Pixelate/::pixelateOut()

this is code of my MainClass - calling a Pixelation effect:

package src {
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    import flash.display.Bitmap;
    import flash.display.BitmapData;
    import tmk.Pixelate;
    public class MainClass extends MovieClip {
        public function MainClass():void {
        private function addImg():void {
            var image1:Bitmap = new Bitmap(new Img1(1,1));
            var image2:Bitmap = new Bitmap(new Img2(1,1));
            var pixelate:Pixelate = new Pixelate;
  , image2, 0.2, 20, 200);

Img1 and Img2 are a JPG bitmaps in .fla file library - with linkage names Img1, and Img2, assignet to flash.display.Bitmap

and the Pixelation class - which should pixelate my bitmap:

package tmk{
    import flash.display.Bitmap;
    import flash.display.BitmapData;
    import flash.display.DisplayObject;
    import flash.display.Sprite;
    import flash.geom.Matrix;

    public class Pixelate extends Sprite {
        public var pixelStart:Sprite;
        public var pixelEnd:Sprite;
        public var destination:DisplayObject;
        public var pixelMatrix:Matrix;
        public var pixelOverlay:Sprite;
        public var pixelBitmap:Bitmap;
        public var pixelBitmapData:BitmapData;
        public var inSpeed:Number = 1;
        public var outSpeed:Number = 1;
        public var pixelSize:Number;
        public var pixelMinSize:Number;
        public var pixelMaxSize:Number;
        public const PIXELATE_COMPLETE:String = "PIXELATE_COMPLETE";
        public function Pixelate(){
        public function it(objectIn:DisplayObject, objectOut:DisplayObject, speed:Number, pixelMin:Number, pixelMax:Number):void {
            pixelStart = new Sprite();
            pixelEnd = new Sprite();
            var objectData:BitmapData = new BitmapData(objectIn.width, objectIn.height, true, 0);
            pixelStart.addChild(new Bitmap(pixelBitmapData));
            objectData = new BitmapData(objectOut.width, objectOut.height, true, 0);
            pixelEnd.addChild(new Bitmap(objectData));
            pixelEnd.visible = objectIn.visible = objectOut.visible = false;
            pixelOverlay = new Sprite();
            pixelBitmap = new Bitmap(pixelBitmapData);
            inSpeed = inSpeed - speed;
            outSpeed = outSpeed + speed;
            pixelSize = pixelMin;
            pixelMinSize = pixelMin;
            pixelMaxSize = pixelMax;
            addEventListener("PIXELATE_END", pixelateEnd);
            addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, pixelateOut);
        private function pixelateOut(e:Event):void {
            pixelBitmapData = new BitmapData(pixelStart.width/pixelSize, pixelStart.height/pixelSize, true, 0);
            pixelMatrix = new Matrix();
            pixelMatrix.scale(1/pixelSize, 1/pixelSize);
            pixelBitmapData.draw(pixelStart, pixelMatrix);
            pixelBitmap.bitmapData = pixelBitmapData;
            pixelBitmap.width = pixelStart.width;
            pixelBitmap.height = pixelStart.height;
            pixelSize *= outSpeed;
            if (pixelSize >= pixelMaxSize) {
                removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, pixelateOut);
                dispatchEvent(new Event("PIXELATE_TRANSITION"));
                addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, pixelateIn);
        private function pixelateIn(e:Event):void {
            pixelBitmapData = new BitmapData(pixelEnd.width/pixelSize, pixelEnd.height/pixelSize, true, 0);
            pixelMatrix = new Matrix();
            pixelMatrix.scale(1/pixelSize, 1/pixelSize);
            pixelBitmapData.draw(pixelEnd, pixelMatrix);
            pixelBitmap.bitmapData = pixelBitmapData;
            pixelBitmap.width = pixelEnd.width;
            pixelBitmap.height = pixelEnd.height;
            pixelMinSize *= inSpeed;
            if (pixelSize <= pixelMinSize) {
                removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, pixelateOut);
                dispatchEvent(new Event("PIXELATE_END"));
        private function pixelateEnd(e:Event):void {
            dispatchEvent(new Event(PIXELATE_COMPLETE));
            if (pixelStart != null) {
            if (pixelEnd != null) {
            pixelBitmap.bitmapData = pixelBitmapData;
            pixelStart = null;
            pixelEnd = null;
            pixelBitmapData = null;
            pixelBitmap = null;
            pixelMatrix = null;
            removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, pixelateIn);
            removeEventListener("PIXELATE_END", pixelateEnd);            

I tried to search in Google - no effect. I had rewrite in on milion ways - no effect - allways the same error.

BTW. Event.PIXELATE_COMPLETE was added to use it in future, now it is not used.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for all help and sugestions.