Error getting external swf to display flvplayback

I have a project with my main timeline loading external swf files. I am having a problem with one of these files which is referencing an external flv in that it will play fine in Flash player but when I try to load it into my main timeline in Flash I no longer see the video part of the swf (though the animated text is visible). Can anyone give me a clue as to why this might be happening and how I might troubleshoot it.

Starting a new project and trying to reference the same file I get the same error - could it be corrupt? How do I get around this?!

I have another swf which is loading the video correctly and all my settings seem to be the same for both.

Also a slightly different problem with the same project…Another external swf I am loading is cutting off the right hand side and top of the swf so I am missing content - I see no reason as to why this might be happening!

Please help! Many thanks, Kate.