I am just a newbie at this so bear with me please. I have a swf that contains a movie clip that loads a asp page to retrive information from an Access 2000 database. When itry to test the movie, I get this error [COLOR=orangered]Error opening URL "file:[/COLOR] the Asp page is in the sabe folder as my swf. Here is the code


CurrentRecord = 0;
loadVariables (“getdetails.asp?Record=0”, this);

Any Ideas?


I think that it won’t work on your computer. Try uploading it on the internet!

I have uploaded it to our intranet server. same problem

I still think that there’s no way it’s gonna work on your comp!
try chaning ‘getdetails.asp’ to the full adress of your site!
http://www.yoursite.sth/sth/getdetails.asp’ <-- sth like that!

Is your Intranet server set up to handle .asp pages?

asp will not run locally, you need to have a web server of some kind running in order to utililze asp…

other than that, if that isn’t it, the path to the asp file must be wrong, somehow…


Yes, we are set up to properly. Yet, i have found a syntax error in the asp page. That may be the problem. Working…on …it…