Evaluate variable name in a loop in cs3

I want to generate variable names in a loop and assign a object refe. to it.

ex. public var missing1_mc:MissingGameObjects;
public var missing2_mc:MissingGameObjects;
public var missing3_mc:MissingGameObjects;
public var missing4_mc:MissingGameObjects;

Now in a loop i want to do the following;

       var ClassReference:Class ;
        var missing_var:MissingGameObjects;
        for(var i=0;i<usedNo.length;i++){
            missing_obj = main_obj + "_" + usedNo* + "_x";
            ClassReference = getDefinitionByName(missing_obj) as Class;
            "missing"+ (i +1) + "_mc" = new ClassReference(); //wrong code
            "missing"+ (i +1) + "_mc".setpos(150,100);//wrong code 

How could i do this. Any help is appriciated.