Event Calendar Tweak

Hi guys…first time poster, so I’m hoping someone can help me out!

I’m a designer who knows basic flash, but I got a freelancer to help me out with my website. She added an event calendar, which works great, but the designer in me wants to tweak the way it looks, which affects the way it’s coded. Working in AS2.

As it is, the Month and Year act as a single entity. I’m wanting to separate these independent parts. I’ve tried messing around with the code, but unfortunately, my flash skills are limited. If there’s anyone who could give the included .fla file a look over and maybe give me some tips on what to do, I’d be appreciative. I’m also including an image of what I’m hoping the calendar to look like (ignore the “date unavailable on the bottom.” If you open the flash file, you’ll see what I mean about the month and year acting as a single entity.

Thanks everyone,