Event listeners for dynamically created instances

I have a Guest class like this:-

class Guest{
 	private var guest_mc:MovieClip;
 	private var guestName: String;
 	private var rfid:Number;
 	public function Guest(name:String, target:MovieClip, depth:Number){
 		guest_mc = target.attachMovie("guest", name, depth);
 		guest_mc.addMouseListener('mouseMove', this);
 	public function setPosition(x:Number, y:Number){
 		guest_mc._x = x;
 		guest_mc._y = y;
 	public function setGuestName(guestName:String){
 		this.guestName = guestName;
 	public function getGuestName ():String{
 		return guestName;
 	public function setRfid(rfid:Number){
 		this.rfid = rfid;
 	public function getRfid ():Number{
 		return rfid;
 	 public function mouseMove ():Void {
 		 trace("Moved the Mouse");

Since I would have many instances of Guest created dynamically, I am iterating througha for loop to make life easier

 var numOfPeople = names.length;
 	for(var i=0; i<numOfPeople; i++){
 		var someguest="guestclip" + i;
 		var x = random(300);
 		var y = random(300);
 		var statusNum = charStatus*; 	   
 		if(statusNum == "1"){
 			this[someguest] = new Guest("guest"+i, this, i)

When a guest instance is clicked, I would like it to identify itself, that is perhaps return the guestName that I set using the OOP technique. The big question is- why doesnt the dynamic movie clip respond to the mouse click although I have a MouseListener added to it? I want to add the mouse listener in the class definition since it would be easier to handle events for multiple instances(i think so, others might think otherwise).