Event triggering within dynamic text fields

hello there,

i have some dynamic text fields getting data from XML. I can hilite their links with rendering as html and using css without a problem. What I want to do ise, triggering some events with them in rollover states, such as popping small information windows… I’ve made a thorough search for asfunction on the net & kirupa, but asfunction triggers on click, which doesn’t really help. Another solution i have in mind is detecting what word is cursor on and taking acting through this, and found a .fla file mentioned in forums that does this, but again, it needed to click on the word (it used selection method, therefore textfield needed to be selectable). Yet another approach could be dynamically creating transparent buttons over the links, but i don’t have the slightest idea how to get the x & y coordinates of a text string on screen. It’s easy to get the location of the text field, but how can we get the exact loc of string in it? It was possible in director as far as i remember, but don’t know about flash…

As a conclusion, i am stuck bigtime, and desperately in need for help :slight_smile: I’ve listed all solutions i could think of up there, any help regarding to them or whole new suggestions to achieve those stinking rollover tooltips is really, really aprreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.