Events and Music help

Im trying to make it so that my flash movie will execute an event at the end of a small music piece.

My problem is i dont want to have to extend the number of frames so that flash plays the event at the same time that the music ends. What id like to do is put the music in a few frames and then when the music finishes to call on an external movie clip to play.

IF that isnt enough clarification maybe this will help.

Movie is playing at 20fps. The music piece is 4 seconds long. I dont want to have to put 80 frames on the timeline just so that when the music ends there is a keyframe there to call on next movie. What i would like is to put the 4 second music clip in about 7 frames and then a stop action at the end of it. Of course the music will keep on playing passed the stop action till it is done.

Is there anyway to make it so that when the MUSIC finishes, not the frames holding the music, an event will be started?