Synchronizing the movie with music

Excuse me for making my first post a thread asking questions, but I kind of need help.
I’m making sort of a cartoon video in flash for a certain song. I’ve made more than half of it already. It’s very important that some events in the cartoon are synchronized with the music. So far, I’ve done synchronization by calculating the movie length and the fps and then adjusting that according to the song.
But there is a problem. The movie has many alpha transitions and the like and so the speed is a little different depending on the viewer’s cpu speed and cpu load. So that’s why I can’t really synchronize it with changes in the music because at slower cpus the music is then ahead of the movie and at really fast cpus the movie could maybe be ahead of the music.
I myself have a Pentium3 666 MHz, and the speed of the movie really depends on my cpu load.
Thanks in advance!

set the audio sync to stream

Thanks, it now kind of syncs, I thought it was something like that. Although now I’ve got a different problem, the music stops when scenes switch. Before, when I used the Event sync, it used to go on and could only be stopped by the stopallsound thing. But now it changes upon scene transition, and I kind of have scenes and stuff there.
Does anyone know a way around that?

dont use scenes.

if you must, divide your audio to work with the division of scenes

Hmmm. I was thinking of putting an entire ‘scene’ into a symbol and then just displaying those symbols in one real scene one after another. You think that will work?

that’d still be a division of the audio (unless you’re talking about one scene with graphic symbols stretched out along the timeline in which case it would be the one file) - but it’d work

I was thinking about the audio being in one layer and playing all the time and then symbols streched out. Thanks for your help!