Everyone must see this site!

This is so cool. Matter of fact it is one of the best math actionscripts special effects I have ever seen. This is SUPERB! Those darned Europeans could be using flash for inventing new tortures and pains, Im not sure.



I agree Phil! That site is really really good. I saw this site about 4 months ago when I was messing around natzke.com. His site also has some cool stuff such as that: www.natzke.com I’m sure the math for the skeleton would have taken quite a good while :wink:


Thats a pretty neat site. You should put it in you favorites. Thanks!


how do u make summet like that it is well cool wouldnt mind summet like that for my site


I’m sorry was that English? Cuz that didn’t make any sense to me, and I read it 4 times…

ok then smart ass in english how do u make something like that because i would like to make it if anyone knows any tutorials for stuff like that then send me them

ok jubba


ok thats better cuz this:

how do u make summet like that it is well cool wouldnt mind summet like that for my site

Ok, let me put it this way. Is English your first language? (not sarcastic at all, i mean it). If it is, then fine. I didn’t understand “summet” and “that it is well cool wouldnt mind summet like that” If English is not your first language then I apologize (I apologize anyway).

For your information, that effect was accomplished by one of the best actionscripters in the world. Its a pretty difficult effect to make, and Pom (or I for that matter) don’t think that anyone here has the capabilities to make such an effect. try e-mailing the guy who made it. If I ever get around to trying to break that down, I will let you know, but I am pretty sure that I won’t be able to do it for a long time. Again, I’m sorry, I usually come as more of an ass than I usually mean to be.



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