Everyone must see this site!

This is so cool. Matter of fact it is one of the best math actionscripts special effects I have ever seen. This is SUPERB! Those darned Europeans could be using flash for inventing new tortures and pains, Im not sure.



lol… already seen it. This is one of my favorites too.

Its just literally mind boggling what can be done with actionscripts, isn’t it? Flash is so frelling AWESOME!


LMAO! Wow, is all I have to say! :rollin:

Anyone want to take a crack at pulling this one apart?

yeah uhm no!

Anyone want to take a crack at pulling this one apart?

O Come on Jubba, you’ve got it in you.
& comments please. lol.

Take it easy buddy,


Someone should ask Thoriphes if he could duplicate this movie clip. I’ll bet you he could. THORIPHES…

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That guy at WireFrame is one of the best Actionscripters in the world, fellows. I’m sorry to say that I don’t think Thoriphes or anybody here could duplicate that.

  • Nobody ?, you ask.
  • Hmm… Maybe Jubby Boy, yeah.

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Eventually I will be able to do that, but not for a loooooooong time. You guys give me 4 years and when Flash XP is out I’ll have it for ya.

Sounds like Pom is issuing a challange to all. lol.
Hey Jubba you’re doing better than you think.
I’m still patting myself on the back for recreating that sliding effect from POMS tutorial w/out going back to look @ the tutorial. I’ve got a looooooooooong way to go.

That’s the spirit, 91 !! Keep it up !!

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You don’t think Thoriphes could duplicate that? Really?

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Thats a really tough effect to duplicate. I’m still thinking on it…

Better ask him, don’t you think ??

But no, I don’t think he could, for one simple reason : the contraints. I mean : it looks like there is some serious research behind it, it’s notjust scripting. I don’t know. One thing is sure : I wouldn’t know how to do this.

Check this guy’s site to see what he’s capable of : www.wireframe.co.za/

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i saw that. its wild. He’s definatley got skills. He’s probly been with Flash since Version 2. He has probly forgot more about Flash than we will ever know…


Yeah. 3D with Flash I still can’t understand. I have 1000 spinning cubes, I can’t understand any of them :frowning:

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I’m attemping to grasp the concept of 3D in Flash, but it completely boggles my mind…maybe this summer, since I’m going to have so much free time.

you lucky man… I’ll be working like a slave in Singapore this summer :slight_smile: I heard there’s a Flash festival soon there YAYAYAYAY !!! :smiley:

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