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I’m lucky!? You’re the lucky one! I work like a slave too, but its just at McDonalds and Its only 4 days a week, but they are 14 hour days. Then I have Friday Saturday and Sunday off…I get to skateboard and play with Flash all day long…and work out occasionally…i’m getting chubby from too much time on my comptuer with this dam program!

Well, if you want to know, most of my forecoming days are going to be spent demonstrating in the street. Cos I don’t know if you’ve heard, we have a one-eyed fascist running for President, and he made it to the second turn.
I love France, such a nice country sometimes.

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ahhh, good times…good times…good luck with that Pom!

Hey Thanks POM. This board is great. It really does inspire me to learn more. There’s a real good group of people in here. What’s up in Singapore? What are you guys from?

Ya Pom, whats up with lefty anyways? It doesn’t sound too terrible going back to the Franc and getting out of the EU…Why does everyone hate this man so much? Whats up with that?


Yeah, well, he’s quite a nice person after all. See for yourself :

  • go back to Franc, get out of the EU
  • suppress automatic retirement pension
  • throw blacks, asians and arabs out of France
  • Close kindergardens so that women stay at home (to “create” more jobs)

I’ll have to peruse his programme and I’ll let you know.

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You know something funny We have the same problem here with some freaks. They comeout of the closet, filled with hate demanding pretty much the same thing, kick out the blacks, Asians & now Arabs. And it’s worse when it happens over here because this nation is nothing more than immigrants, and the remnants of the approximately 500,000 indians that roamed the continent before we arrived. Does color mean anything? Or nationality? The people I want to hang out with is people that are not hateful and are loving and accepting and want to enjoy life as much as we can. I don’t care if they wear a dot, walk around with a turbin, or if they are asian and study harder and do better than even us white folks. What the hell is wrong with people anyways? I worked at 3Com before getting laid off as a lab Tech. We displayed a flag for each and every nation that had a single employee working at the plant. They were around the perimeter of the manufacturing floor. They totalled some 180-200 nations. The place was a menagerie. And I liked it. But then again I am an inquisitive person that wanted to know as much about each culture as I could learn. Cause I enjoy that. It troubles me that there are many who don’t enjoy such things but rather despise them. And it definately seems as though there shall be no end to it…The hatred that is. I think the real problem is rooted within the heart of mankind. A good tree does not bear bad fruit. Therefore, it seems that the tree itself is the problem…Pretty metaphorical, eh?

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