"everything or nothing" or "The Suffering"....?

hi, I need to choose between those 2 games, going to buy one in the next 24 hours, but dont know which one, I want the 007 game cause Im a james bond freak, but I want the suffering cause its been too long since the last time I played a survival horror game, the choice is now up to you, lol :slight_smile: my head its going to explode, I cant decide :crazy: so…which one???

I vote the suffering, its almost bed wetting creepy.

lol, ok, its a tie now :slight_smile:

lol, ok, then its a tie for the moment :slight_smile:

I say get The Suffering, it looks schweeeet!

ok, u vote for the suffering tuna, thanks :slight_smile: I still dont know what to buy :stuck_out_tongue:

I would go with the Bond game.

It’s a pretty long game, it has multiple levels you can play on for each level, meaning your difficulty can be changed for each level as opposed to the entire game. So if you fly right though one and want more of a challange and cooler unlockables, just up the diff. before you play that level. Very cool.

Also, the production levels are out of this world. Very fun game.

yes I read the game presentation is outstanding, that feels like a bond game, that´s what I wanted since goldeneye :slight_smile:

normally, these two games would be hard to compare, but in your case…

Bond. James Bond.
come on, you drive expensive foreign cars (depending on where you live; otherwise, forget the foreign and keep expensive),girls, rocket launchers, girls, 3person action, girls, some cool (sometimes)multiplayer, girls, gadgets…need i say more?