Nintendo-like games for Xbox

Heh… so my brother got me an Xbox for my birthday this year, back in April, and I’ve been trying in vain to find good games for it. I’m a big fan of Nintendo (I wish I had a Game Cube)… I like series like Zelda and Metroid… Games with more focus on the story than the actual gameplay, where you can immerse yourself in legend in a way. (Okay, Metroid may not fit there, with the legend and all, but it’s still got some some kickass stories.) I don’t like games where all you do is run around shooting people, a la Halo. And I tend to prefer games that are family oriented, i.e. no blatant cursing, half naked girls, blowing people’s heads off, etc.

So far, the only Xbox games I’ve found that I really like are Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Anybody have any suggestions? Maybe lesser known games? I’m not really informed when it comes to games anyway (I hadn’t heard of Crimson Skies until a couple of days ago) so even if there’s something you consider blatantly obvious, it probably wouldn’t hurt to mention it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Whoo - you scared me there for a second. I thought you meant xbox was coming out with nintendo like games :P.

I wish. :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it funny that the two Xbox games you mentioned are out on other platforms, PoP is on PS2 and Gamecube, and KoTOR is on PC.

Uh - what’s so funny about it?

Yeah I know they are, I actually played KOTOR as a PC game, I don’t own it for Xbox, but I thought I’d throw it in there to say I’ve already played it and there’s no need to mention it. It would be so much easier if I’d just gotten a Game Cube for my birthday. :frowning: But my brother’s gone and gotten addicted to Halo, and I’ve already bought PoP for Xbox, so there’s no sense in selling the Xbox now.

lol, who did he buy the console for? really I mean :wink:


In his defense, I did say at one point that I would like an Xbox. Unfortunately, I neglected to mention that I would like a GameCube much more. :blush:

Hehe - Hifi, you a girl or boy? Just wondering…

I’m a girl. And don’t say I only like Nintendo 'cause I’m a girl and Nintendo’s girly. I get that too often. I like Nintendo because I enjoy stories. It’s like a good book. Lots of people like books. Girls and guys. And I just happen to like my games to be like books, except that I want to be the main character of the story, and actually take part in the events of it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well don’t enjoy stories where powerful monsters take over the world and shoot everything :P?

I won’t say it but I’m thinking it :bored:.

Heh, there are tons of stories where powerful monsters take over the world and shoot everything, and if they’re well done, sure I’d enjoy them. But well-done to me doesn’t have much to do with graphics and special effects. It’s more how the story is told… If it’s obvious that it’s a war between good and evil, and more emphasis is put on ridding the world of the monsters, then sure, I’d give it a try. But if it’s more like “Try to blow this guy’s head off as far as possible” or “Make a pretty design on the wall with this guy’s blood” then no thanks.

Actually… don’t most games include something about monsters taking over the world?

So how come you don’t like Halo?

All you do is run around shooting? Okay that’s like the most false comment about games. You obviously haven’t played the game at all or to the end of it.

Well I only played the single player version of Halo up to I think the 4th level, I don’t remember what it was called. And yeah, I’m probably wrong about Halo, or biased. I think I just got bored. But a game like Prince of Persia, that’s sort of monsters taking over Persia. If you consider Sand Creatures to be monsters. And there are a few times when all you do is fight off Sand Creatures. But there are also a lot of times when you have to solve puzzles and evade traps, etc. Plus, there’s the side story with Farah. And the way it’s carried out, it is a story, with the Prince as the narrator. So even if all you did was walk around a map for 15 minutes, you’ve gone through a chapter and it feels like you’ve accomplished something. That’s what I mean, when I say that a game can be about monsters taking over the world, and still be a great game. It shouldn’t be just about monsters, which is what Halo was to me. (For the first few levels, that is, I really shouldn’t comment about Halo because I haven’t played all the way through and for that I apologize.)

It’s alright - I understand you. Billions of people think halo was great and you just have a different taste ;). Just like me and consoles :D.

Some levels on halo takes hours to complete. When on co-op with your brother or friend (in my case) it’s just the most fun thing in the world. So much strategy. I always say “alright you take the left, I got the right” and we end up killing everything in one level :D.

But like you said, if it’s more of story, it’s better to you :).

I have to admit it’s fun watching my brother and sister play on co-op. They aren’t very good at strategy it seems. They keep bumping into each other or shooting each other, or running each other over. It’s hilarious.

Anyway, I think I’ve hijacked my own thread. :h: Back to topic, anyone know any games I might like?

If you are talking PC’s- Ground Control II, that game is soooo cool. Might not be what you are looking for, but it has a fun sci-fi story and the strategy is reeeeeaaaly good. Get the demo

If you want a console game- Harvest moon!!! YAYAYAYAYAY! or, ummm… uhhh… :smiley:

You want plot?

Pick up Morrowind. Its grrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaat!


Ooh, I should have mentioned that too, I have Morrowind for PC already. :slight_smile: Thanks though.

Sushi - I’m looking for Xbox games. And as far as I know, Harvest Moon isn’t out for Xbox, as much as I would like it to be. :stuck_out_tongue: