"evt.target.name" Problem

My question deals with using “evt.target.name”.

My stage movie clip is named “content”. I’ve placed five input text fields within this clip on their own layers. If AS3 were a kinder creature my reference to “evt.target.name” would work to clear the default text displayed on my text fields. But unfortunately for me it doesn’t.

Does someone know of a simple fix? I’ve provided the code below and the file for anyone that wants to try it out. Any help would be good.

var TextFieldArray:Array= [content.neoname, content.neoclass, content.neoemail, content.neonumber, content.neocommentary];

for each(var tf:TextField in TextFieldArray) {

tf.addEventListener(FocusEvent.FOCUS_IN, onFocusIn);

function onFocusIn(evt:FocusEvent):void {
trace(“in focus “);
content.evt.target.name.text=””; //This line is where the problem lies.