Exit projector file after 3 times login attempt fail

Hello all kirupian just need little help with my silly question…but who’s care…:)…ok here i just want to make it quit the projector file after user 3 times login fail …here;s my snippet code…


stage.showMenu = false;
btn.onPress = function(){
  if (username.text == "test" & password.text == "123"){//cek input user
  }else{if (username.text!=="test"&& password.text!=="123"){
	          _root.username.text = '';
              _root.password.text = '';
	  // trace("wrong input");
	  // fscommand ("quit","TRUE");
           }else{ if (username.text!=="test"&& password.text!=="123"==3){
			                 fscommand ("quit","TRUE");

hope someone can give me guide to figure out it…tq anyway…