Experimental flash tv / video art website

Sorry for the misleading title but do not know how else to word this.

I’ve been looking for this site that I found a year or so ago (maybe longer). It was a really interesting flash site that was set up like a movie player/tv station. Videos displayed in a dock like interface on the bottom(or side?) to show a thumbnail of what was going to play next and the video or animation would play full screen. The intro for the site had this television static and logo animation before it would go to the movie player/tv station portion of the site. It would play strange short clips of obscure 1960s japanese monster flicks and other weird animations/video.

It wasn’t a promotional or portfolio site or anything corporate from what I can remember.

Searched all of FWA and the forums here as well to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Also any advice on how to go about searching for this would be wonderful…
Is there a blog/website that posts on strange/bizarre sites like this?