Explanation Pretty Please :)

i was looking at flashkit tonight and found a pretty cool text effect that i liked…so oi downloaded it and would like to understand the code behind it better. so could someone please give me an in depth explanation if they have the time? i’d really appreciate it, i’m just getting nowhere with learning flash at the moment…uni is way too busy

now what is the best way to do this? should i just paste the code or since there are a few frames with it, would it be easier for someone to download the .fla?



paste the code here… a lot of files from Flash Kit are outdated and have Flash 4 code on them, but post the code and the fla and someone will be able to help you…

text = "fakhar abbas shahi"; 
i = 1; max = length(text);
kerning = "20"; size = "10";
setProperty("gull", _visible, "0");

hmm first attempt at posting code not sure if that will come out properly…thats first frame

second frame:

duplicateMovieClip("gull", "gull" add i, i);
set("/gull" add i add "/letter:gull", substring(text, i, 1));
setProperty("/gull" add i, _x, 100+Number(i*kerning));
setProperty("/gull" add i, _xscale, 25*size);
setProperty("/gull" add i, _yscale, 30*size);
i = Number(i)+1;

third frame:

if (Number(i)>Number(max)) {
} else {

is this similar to the effect you are looking for?


because that is all Flash 4 code.

alos a link to the original tutorial would be useful as well…


theres the link and i did do that tutorial but had problems, you fixed it up for me jubba, it was a while back but i dont understand the code or how you did anything…

did you read the explanations of the code underneath the tutorial? I can’t really explain it any clearer than that. The one on Flash kit is Flash 4 depreciated code…

i read the explanation on the page but yeah didn’t really help me underestand…basically i havent done much AS lets say EVER! ha…