Please help me with the Text Effect - Flash 4

I have a question about the special effects on text. I have been trying to make “Macromedia Flash” just like your effect but i realized that i couldn’t unless i started out at frame 1 with rescaling the letters ( all layers ), and ended up with having all the layers at the same size. Because that way they all would end up like your example. Doing that way, however, is very time consuming in terms of rearranging all the letters manually to have them having the same size at the end.

Please follow the link to the original tutorial:

My question is: Is that the way to it?

Looking forward to your answer.
Thank you very much for such wonderful online Flash tutorial!

Hello Richard,
Actually, I don’t resize all the text to its original size. What you can do, is start of with a keyframe for each letter on Frame 1. Then move about 10-20 frames and insert another keyframe for each letter.

Tween all the frames in-between the frames. Since we did not add any special effects, playing the animation will only produce a static word with no action. Now, adjust the sizes of the letters in the keyframes on Frame 1. When you play the animation, the letters will all start off differently, but by the time the reach the 2nd group of keyframes, the will be back to their original position. That is a much easier way of animating the letters than working backwards :wink:

Flash is a very primitive tool for text effects that don’t require the use of programming. SWfx and Swish are, in my opinion, much better and easier to create animations with than Flash.

Thank you thank you. That was just a simple thing i ignored. You are so right. It worked :slight_smile:

You’re the man!