Exploding Text API

I was looking online for an exploding text API and I wasn’t able to find one (not one for free anyway) so I decided to make on myself. This is the first API I’ve made so it might be a little rough around the edges.

I would appreciate it if anyone could take a look at tell me what they think.

Click here for demo

var splitter = new Splitter(text,format,type,range_from,range_too,deceleration,exp);

text is the text box
format is the text format
type is weather you want the text to explode by word, line or letter (int, 1-3)
range from and too are the min and max speed of the text movement
deceleration is the movement decay speed
exp is weather you want the text to explode or not. (boolean)

One small note I should make is that the explosion effect isn’t quite right yet, I’ve made a small math error I cant quite figure out yet, but I’ll get it right in the end!