...export readable for flash .wmf from .ai files ? is it possible

[FONT=Courier New]july 23 2004

This may not be the right forum to answer my post , but since the graphics concerning my question will be imported by Flash to be used , I made up my mind to post here anyhow ;

A customer passed me two logos designed in .ai format ( adobe ilustrator ???) , which I am not able to open ;

my aim is to convert .ai , which is not a supported format for Flash , in .wmf , this one I can import ;

My two questions are :

1- is it possible to export .wmf from .ai files ?
(it will result in actual readable for flash vectorial files ?
some .wmf files cannot be import by flash)

2- if so , as I havenĀ“t adobe ilustrator or any other programa that opens ai files , would some kind soul convert the two zipped logos attached to this post ? I am sorry to hit you up this way , I hope it is not too demanding ;

Thank you very much in advance for your kindness ;

ai_logos.zip (27.5 KB)