Exporting Sound Class

I have two mp3 files which I have linkaged from the Library. The idea is that one of the selections starts playing when the site comes up and then there are controls to alternate between the two selections as well as an off button to turn both mp3s off.

I have linkaged both mp3s from the library. And all of this works fine.

The problem is this: In the linkage window if I leave Export to First Frame checked it is - because of the mp3 sizes - making my preloader worthless while all of this Sound stuff is loading into the first frame. So I unchecked that box in the linkaged window for both mp3s.

Based upon someone else’s advice, I then went to the ActionScript settings box in the Publish Settings window and attempted to set the Sound class to frame 2 so that, theoretically, it would not interfere with the preloader (on frame one).

Then when I tried to Test the Movie the Output panel gives me this message:

WARNING: The Export Frame for Classes specified in the Publish or Export settings, frame 2, does not exist. No bytecode for ActionScript 2.0 classes or interfaces was exported.

And now I have no sounds playing.

Any thoughts on fixing this so that the mp3s are exported to frame 2 (and not frame one) - so that my preloader is not a meaningless preloader - would be appreciated. Thank you.