Exporting to Flash MX

HI all this is my first time posting here to hi !

I am trying to learn Flash because I want to create Flash website - I’m still along way off being a pro but i know the basics.

I’ve created a template in Photoshop for a website - and now I would like to transfer my inpiration and ideas over into flash MX in an attempt to make my first Flash website. I am used to Dreamweaver normaly but not Flash MX.

bascilly can someone tell me the easiest way of getting my template from photoshop cs to Flash MX ? When I try and import the tempalte I can’t put things on it because its an image. Should I reconstruct the tempalte in Flash Mx and take it from their ?

Thanks in advance to all that contribute !

I ahve two ideas on this subject one is copy and paste it all from photoshop to flash or (not sure if this works) import the psd into flash(if it doesn’t wrok see if it will import into fireworks) then you cna import it intop flash

if none of these work wiat someone will find an awnser

Thanks for your repsonce -

Copying and pasting from Photoshop doesnt seem to work/thw qualit is really bad.

And Flash MX doesn’t recgonise the ‘.psd’ Photoshop format unfortunatly.

I know that Fireworks supports it and i have successfuly imported it. what I am really trying to ask is (sorry if I haven’t made it claer) is their anyway of setting an image aas a background so I can work the with template and put things on it ie) flash animations and effects ?