External movies swap

Hello everybody! :te:

I have a site to complete asap, but I’m stuck at the very beginning… :*(
I have this scene where I have to load five external swfs as in the scheme below:

| A |
B | C | D | E

One (A) is the main image to show and the other four (B,C,D,E) are just thumbnails.
So I created my five empty movie clips and I loaded the external movies and that went ok.

What I’m trying to figure out is how to swap a thumbnail with the main image when I click on it.

Ex: I click on B and the layout changes to:

| B |
A | C | D | E

Of course I already have all the thumbnails swfs and the main images ones.

I think I have to use variables, but I’m really stuck…

Can you help?

Thanks! :smirk: