External preloader

I read about it but can’t find a solution to it…
I’m loading external swf into my main using levels (loadMovieNum), works fine.
I have a preloader (simple one, from Kirupa tutorials) in the main movie, works fine.
I’m using the same preloader for my external movies (each one its own), works fine also except I’m using components in the movie and they load before the preloader kicks in. So I unchecked all Export in first frame and I’ve been hidding them in frame 2. Still frame 1 is 24 kb so that the preloader won’t start before those. I can’t find where they are coming from.

  1. Is there a way to find out what is being loaded in keyframe 1 before the preloader?
  2. I read about using an external preloader (one in its own movie) which would then call and preload the external movie to load? Could someone explain me how it would work, how to link everything together (main movie/preloader/external movie)?
    Hoping you can help me out.