External preloader


There are many tutorials on how to construct a preloader. But none (that i have found…) that describes how to have it in your main movie (OR as an external swf), controlling if an external movie is loaded.

I want to have a preloader OUTSIDE of the movie that’s being loaded. This is because i don’t want the loaded movie to show right away, first i want to play the end of the current movie. So:

  1. click button in current movie
  2. load next movie. preloader for next movie comes in on top of current movie, and loads until it reaches 100%. (but the loaded movie doesn’t show up yet.)
  3. play outro of current movie
  4. play the loaded movie

I want to “trick” the viewer that the outro of the current movie is the intro of the loaded movie, taht’s why i want the preloader before the outro.
So HOW do i construct an “external” preloader??? Please help! Any suggestions appreciated!

Many thanks/Annika