Preloader of an external movie


I’ve looked through some threads and tutuorials to try to find the answer to this problem but so far haven’t found exactly what I need. I hope someone can help…

I’ve got a movie saved as a swf which has a preloader within it. I load this into a holder movie clip in my main movie with a play button, but the movie will not play when there is a preloader in the external swf. It just flickers once and stays black. When i took the preloader out it was fine, but i do need some sort of loader since it is a rather large file.

I’ve tried to find methods of making a preloader in the main movie for external files but none of them suit my layout. I’m not good enough with actionscript yet to just make up a script that will work either…So if someone knows a basic script for having a preloader bar or percentage in the main movie which appears in the holder movieclip when the external file is requested I would appreciate it!

I hope i’ve explained this well enough…cheers.