External swf/css problems

here is my situation. I have a main movie with a button that loads an external swf[about.swf] into another empty movie clip instance called “aboutWin” the movie loads fine, the problem is that the loaded movie has a script that loads text and a style sheet into a dynamic text box:

[size=1][color=Red]var format = new TextField.StyleSheet();
var path = “newStyle.css”
format.onLoad = function(loaded) {
if (loaded) {
output.styleSheet = format;
// new code here…

myLoadVar = new LoadVars ();
myLoadVar.onLoad = function (success){
if (success == true) {
output.variable = “about”
//output.text = quick;
} else {
output.text = “Error loading CSS file!”;

[color=Black][size=2][this was culled from:
which standing alone works fine. However, when the movie loads nothing happens. Im sure that there is a simple explanation but ive been up all night and im not seeing it. essentially the text and css are not being loaded and i get my error…any advice in this matter would be greatly appreciated…