External .swf & fullscreen align

Anyone who can help me - I would be greatly appreciative!!

Alright I’ve got a main.swf that is loading home.swf into an empty movieclip that is aligned on the stage to be centered when the browser/player is resized accordingly.

I can’t get the thing to work once the movie clip is loaded into the empty movieclip on the main movie.

the emptymovieclip (instance name) is ‘content_holder’
and it is inside the movieclip (instance name) ‘main_mc’ that is on the main stage of the main.swf file

Please if anyone can download the zipped file of the two .fla(s) from here

or if you can answer my question without downloading that works too!

(sorry I’m on a huge crunch to get this site done before tomorrow and I’ve hit one helluva snag - new to the whole browser resize stuff)

Boon. :thumb: