External .SWF preloader problem sends .swf into a chaotic frenzy!

I am loading external .swf’s into one main .swf and am using the following code to preload the individual .swf’s:

loadingBar._xscale = 1;
var loadingCall:Number = setInterval(preloadSite, 50);
function preloadSite():Void {
var siteLoaded:Number = getBytesLoaded();
var siteTotal:Number = getBytesTotal();
var percentage:Number = Math.round(siteLoaded/siteTotal*100);
loadingBar._xscale = percentage;
percentDisplay.text = percentage + “%”;
if (siteLoaded >= siteTotal) {

This is in the first frame of the external .swf timeline.

This works fine when testing the whole site offline (no html embedding). I put the site up and if you interrupt the loader by clicking a new menu item (that also needs to load an external .swf) before the initial item finishes loading it sends all the external .swf’s into a frenzy! Here is the site:


Please help!