External SWF Problem

Hi everyone,
OK, I am modifying the Carousel tutorial because my client really wants it as his navigation. Instead of loading my content in as XML text, I have made my own attribute of “file” and file assigns the external SWF for each item. So all my content is external and it works like a charm except for the dumbest problem, 2 of my external SWF have Dynamic and Input text fields and they will not delete with the rest of the movie clip, the links are Cart and Contact. I had one of my teachers at school help but all he could say was “Empty the textfield immediately before you delete it: myTextfield_txt.text = “” will remove any contents!”. I have tried this but it didn’t work, but then again I wasn’t sure where to put it. I also right now am trying to cheat it by saying load an empty movie instead of deleting the movieclip.

O ya one more problem, My gallery works fine but when you click the icon to go back to the navigation, it pushes the Button Hit area to like the bottom of the icon. ?? dont know whats up with that. There are to bars around the bottom and right side that are movieclips that act as boundary areas so that the pictures dont scale off the page, so im not sure if that affecting it.

My file was too big to post. heres the URL to get my zip file [COLOR=#0000ff]http://www.sendspace.com/file/qnd23v[/COLOR]

The Mc is unloaded on line 74. Right now its an alpha statement but the delete mc is the line below it commented out. to see the glitches and again the links that are glitch is the contact, store and gallery.
The empty movieclip is on the stage where the SWF’s are loaded in.
The swfs are called from the XML and that var is defined up top as t.file

I really hope someone could save me from the madness.