External swf shows up HUGE in loader component

hey everyone : :

i have a frustrating problem on my hands that i’ve never had happen before. now granted, i’ve only created 3 or 4 websties in flash before, but it’s still new to me…

the problem: my external swf files being loaded into my site “frame” via a loader component are displaying way bigger than they should (just click on “about us” and you’ll see what i mean). it didn’t always do this. it was just all of hte sudden. the external swf files are the same size as the loader component and i’ve even tried both options of the “scaleContent” parameter on the loader too.

can someone please end my pain and explain to me why it’s going all HUGE on me?

here is the link: http://beredefined.com/site.html

thanks in advance!

: : michael