External swfs not working properly

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Somebody please help.

You have a path problem, skip all the _root/level0
For the next button

on (release) {

And for the thumbnail

on (release) {
	this.current_clip = 4;

Hope that helps:)


Thank you scotty! I believe this will help.

What about Loading the movies (different menus/thumbnail menus) via the navigation buttons (menu1 - menu2)?

LOL, I’ve got a lot suggestions, but without a fla (or more info) that wouldn’t make any sense:lol:


OK scotty. Here is the fla file. Referring to the main_gallery. Notice that when you test the file- everything seems to load just fine. However when you try to scroll the bottom menu - it does not move. And the same thing happens when you click on menu two it seems to load fine though the buttons do not work. How do I resolve this?

Also, another thing I noticed is the when I click on the menu 2 button and then try to click the next button (the green arrow button top right) it goes to the second photo of the first menu. Is there a way to change the action of those top buttons when someone clicks on the menu 2 button?

Here are the additional files.