External variable into flash through PHP

Hya Guys,

This is the deal
On this Clan site i got a lot of php.
There’s a tagg called <yapp title> wich becomes the title of the site. Wich is on the start page : Vortex Community.
I’d like to get this variable into Flash,
how can i do this ?!
Also i’ve got a MySQL database,
does any1 know how to acces that database through flash (probably through php wich gets included into the flash right?)

Thnx in advance
One n00b of the flash scene:
WoDkA WoLF aka WkA aka Wim Grootveld

Well, do you know how to get that with PHP in the first place?

pom :q:

check the site and you’ll see that i can get it into my php in the first place …