Externally Loaded SWF perLoader Problem

I am using a simple preLoader on my site, it works fine on the intro and the main nav but when the main loads the external swf the preloader image just sits there and the bar doesnt move but after a while the movie loads as normal. Do I have to change something in the preLoader code because where the movie sits

frame 1:
var amountLoaded:Number = _root.getBytesLoaded()/_root.getBytesTotal();
bar_mc._width = amountLoaded * 200;
loadText.text = Math.round(amountLoaded * 100);

frame 2:
if(_root.getBytesLoaded() == _root.getBytesTotal()) {

else {
Here is a link if you want to see my problem:

If you will notice the first preLoader works but the one that loads the content movie does not and they are coded Exactly the same.