Extremely Easy Rectangle Tool Question

How do I get a black border around a box I make using the rectangle tool in Photoshop 6.0? I know there is an easy way to do so, since I see it so often. Did I accidently turn that off, as in, it originally is there, or do I have to toggle something? :q:

Create your rectangle with the rectangle tool. Make sure you rasterize the layer first (right click on the layer with the rectangle and choose rasterize).

Now hold CTRL and click on the layer with the retangle. This will select the rectangle. Now go to Edit/Stroke.

Mess with the settings in there and voila, you have a black border around your square.

Anyway that I can get a solid black line? It keeps preserving the opacity deficient coloring of the actual rectangle. More or less, the black line is getting the same 50% opacity as I made the rectangle. Don’t want that. :stuck_out_tongue:

:pirate: Ar.

Are you making the layer at 50% opacity? if so, then that is why, because everything on that layer will be at 50%. So create a new layer and do the Stroke.

I should really try thinking of the easy way out of these things. :stuck_out_tongue: Just made my comic from 10 layers for the whole thing to about 40. Oh well, heh.

Thanks again. :A+:

Did you fix it?