Eye sight problems?

recently started to have double visions so i went to the optomitrist to prescribe a pair of contact lenses. I have glasses but i don’t always put them on and sometimes just plainly forgot if i’m too engross in work. :nerd:

Turns out, left eye was long-sighted and has astigmatism, the right eye was short-sighted with no astigmatism.
Kinda weird how both eyes differ sooo much. Seems like one of my eye isn’t working as much as the other one. :eye: :eye:

And according to my friends, i’m always staring way too close at the computer screen without blinking my eyes…

And i always have neck and back and eye aches… so i guess my seating posture is really off.

anyone else designer/programmer with the same problems… i’m sure most of us do.

anyone with perfect eye sight over here? :sen: i’m so jealous :to: