[F5]Arg! For Actionscript Guru! Beginner needs help!

Hi i was wondering if someone can help me

i just want to know if one layer can move quicker then the movie frameset

exmple { movie frameset is 12 i just want one layer to go at 20 }

is that possible, if so can you please help
thank you very much have a great day

I tried using different swf-files with different speed on different levels, but it appears that the main-movie sets the speed for them all…so no luck that way.


Danneman is correct…

If you want to FAKE the effect, you can skip the frame at a tme, play frame 1, 3, 5, 7,… So that it will be looking like 24/12… Using the gotoAndPlay() function properly would help you alot… =)

thank you very much