[?]F8 and Complex XML

Evening Folks,
I work for a Pharmaceutical company and I’m working on a presentation for one of our products. The idea behind this is that they eventually want to use this flash template for multiple products so it needed to be dynamic.

It has 5 main sections with 10 different sub sections. Each sub-section has multiple nodes that hold Title, intro and pdf file. Some sub-sections will have 1-3 items while others will have 8-12 items. So again, with trying to be as dynamic as possible, in our discovery meetings I had them create the same format for all items so we could create loops to display the info.

So the question is, whats the best way for me to build this section/sub-section without having to import multiple swf’s for different sections. I need to be able to update this Flash presentation by ‘only’ updating the XML file.

So what I have laid out is 1 SWF with the basic template masthead, dynamic nav, and footer. The content of the sections/sub-sections will be loaded from a MC on the timeline found by a key frame. Ideally I’d have about 6-10 separate MC’s. Those MC’s I would ideally like to have a few dynamic text boxes and have them loop through and recreate.

Is the above a good way to go about it or is there an easier way? Dynamic is the key here.

Here’s a snippet of my XML code:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<section name="Features & Benefits">
 <page title="Kit Contents">
  <doc title="Patient Instructions" file="pdf/patient_inst.pdf">Patient instructions are specifically designed with the patient in mind.</doc>
  <doc title="Specimen Collection Tube" file="pdf/collectiontube.pdf">The patented specimen Collection Tube doubles as a convenient, sanitary dispenser.</doc>
  <doc title="Return Mailer Kit" file="">This includes:</doc>
   <bullet>Specific, detailed directions with colorful pictures to reduce ambiguity</bullet>
   <bullet>Specimen Collection Tube and Collection Paper to obtain fecal sample</bullet>
   <bullet>Absorbent sleeve, Specimen Pouch and Return Mailer box for mailing Collection Tube to doctor’s office or laboratory</bullet>
  <bar image="images/p_inst.jpg" file="pdf/patient_inst.pdf" title="Patient Instructions"/>
  <bar image="images/ctube.jpg" file="pdf/collectiontube.pdf" title="Specimen Collection Tube"/>
 <page title="Test Procedure">
  <doc title="Test procedure" file="pdf/test_proc.pdf">The QuickVue iFOB test is a one-step lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay. Results are within 5-10 minutes.</doc>
  <doc title="Package Insert" file="pdf/iFOB_PI.pdf"/>
  <doc title="Positive vs. Negative Test Result" file="pdf/test_proc.pdf">Illustration of a positive vs. a negative test result.</doc>
  <bar title="Package Insert" file="pdf/iFOB_PI.pdf" image="images/p_inst.jpg"/>
  <bar title="Positive vs. Negative Test Result" file="pdf/collectiontube.pdf" image="images/ctube.jpg"/>

The above is 2 sub-sections of 1 main section. I have about 12 sections total. The good thing is I have about 2 weeks left to finish this and all I have left to is get me structure right on the XML integration into Flash.

If anyone knows of a good in-depth tutorial I’d love to check it out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy post! :tie: