[F8] AS Easing Function

Quick question for you guys. I’m working on this “game” and I currently have a ball that increases in speed as you hold down the arrow key. What I am now trying to accomplish is I want the ball to ease to a stop when the user let’s go of the keyboard key (onKeyUp). Here’s the File. <—Link

Here is my code so far:

var speed = 10;

ball_mc.onEnterFrame = function (){
                this._x += speed += 1;  
            this._y -= speed += 1;
            this._x -= speed += 1;
            this._y += speed += 1;  
    if(speed >= 45){
        speed = 45;

So once you let go of the Keyboard Key I want the ball to slow down to a stop. Thanks for your help!
-Loren :smirk: