[F8]-Problem in Selection.setFocus('inputtextName') when return from Fullscreen mode

Hi all,

I am bit confused with Selection.setFocus(‘inputtextName’) method.
It works fine when the movie is in normal mode (it selects the text in the textfield if any, and put keyboard focus to that text field so that subsequent key strokes makes the modification in the textfield)

But I have a requirement in which, when a user clicks a button in fullscreen mode (flash player 9 feature) then the movie has to return to normal mode(because input fields are all dead in fullscreen mode security) and the input focus is passed to the textfield, so that subsequent key stroke makes the modification in the textfield.

So what I did is I put the Selection.setFocus(‘inputtextName’) in the “onFullScreen” event of the Stage. But this only selects the whole text in that textfield but doesnot passes the focus to it, the user needs to click on that text field.

After that I tried javascript “movieName.focus()”. This function is called when flash returns to normal mode and after that I call the Selection.setFocus(‘inputName’).

Still this not working…
If anybody know any work around… please suggest me…

Thanks in advance.