[f8] Removing event handlers from movie clips

function checkButton(buttonHit:MovieClip) {
    if (buttonActive == true) {
        buttonHit.onPress = function() {
            this.originalX = this._x;
            this.originalY = this._y;
            moveit = new Tween(buttonHit, "_x", Strong.easeInOut, buttonHit._x, detailX, 0.5, true);
            new Tween(buttonHit, "_y", Strong.easeInOut, buttonHit._y, detailY, 0.5, true);
            new Tween(btnHolder, "_alpha", Regular.easeInOut, 100, 0, 0.5, true);
            buttonActive = false;
            for ($i=0; $i<=numItems; $i++) {
                if (positionArray[$i] != buttonHit) {
                    new Tween(positionArray[$i], "_alpha", Regular.easeOut, 100, 0, 0.3, true);
            focusActive = true;

Alright, I’ve built a carousel that moves a set amount with button presses, and when the movement stops the item at the front of the carousel enlarges and becomes a button. However, when the carousel is moved to the next item, the previous still stays behaves like a button.

Is there any way to remove the event handler from the movieclip?