Facebook Easter Egg Hunt

I’m launching a Facebook application on Friday. It’s currently in public beta testing. It will go live starting at the beginning of February and all of the scores will be reset at that time.

I was hoping I could get some more eyeballs looking at it before it goes live in hopes of squashing any bugs and having a smooth launch.

The game is an Easter Egg Hunt. Easter Eggs are hidden in your friends’ profiles and when you find them they are added to your Easter Basket. The goal of the game is to find the most eggs (obviously).

I am trying to find a sponsor who will donate a couple of cents to charity for each egg that is found but I am not quite sure who to contact.

Here’s the about page:

And here’s the canvas page:

You don’t have to add the application to view the canvas page so please let me know what you think =)

[size=1](Thanks to darkmotion who did the base Easter Egg designs)[/size]