Facebook game portal

I’ve just started building a game portal for facebook, so I thought I’d get some initial feedback.

here is the link: http://apps.facebook.com/thegameportal

The idea was to make something with quite a fresh look, so I’ve used quite a lot of jQuery, to create the transitions, and some of the UI components like tabs. Trying to integrate some facebook features into an iframe app is a bit of a ***** but such is life, I think I’m getting there with integration.

A nice feature with jQuery UI and facebook is that I can see certain things about a users profile, like whether they like cars, or reading, their gender, favorite films etc, and make an intelligent guess as to how the site should be styled. I’m currently working on this feature. Once I determine a style I just load in the relevant jQuery stylesheet and you have a completely different feel.

Anyway, this is an all nighter worth of work (I just bought webspace for the first time yesterday so thought I’d use it) just to see if the concept and java and facebook integration stuff works but its definitely not polished.




p.s Birdwing, if you read this I have finally gotten my own webspace. Thanks very much for letting me use yours. I’m just transferring my files over now! :slight_smile: xxx