Facing problems embeding fonts

Here is what I want to do (I know… I know… This is supposed to be a simple one, but I’m having a very hard time): I have a lot of dynamic text fields and I want to use a non-system font and for the user to be able to see the font I chose.
Pretty much everything I have tried is not working as expected.

Here is what I’m doing:

  1. I have a dynamic text field on Stage. It is named test_txt.
  2. I open up the library pallete and choose New Font… from the options menu.
  3. In the Font Symbol Properties dialog box I gave the font the name “myFont” (without the quotes).
  4. from the Font menu I chose the following font: “Romy Caps” and pressed the OK button.
  5. I right-clicked the newly created Font Symbol and chose: Linkage…
  6. In the linkage dialog I selected “Export for ActionScript” and “Export in first frame”. In the identifier I left “myFont” and pushed the OK button.
  7. Back to the Stage, I selected my dynamic text field created earlier and from the font list I chose my newly created font “myFont*”

The first strange thing is the * at the end of the name. What dos it mean?

  1. I did not chose to embed the outline, because since I created a symbol in the library with the font in it, I thought it was not necessary to also embed the font.
  2. I published the .SWF and tested it. Everything worked OK. But when I unistalled the font and reopened the SWF, the font was gone and turned into Arial. (I did not republish the movie with the font unistalled, of course. I just relaunched the earlier created .SWF)

Why the heck is this happening?!

  1. But I did not get tired yet and I tried to also embed the font using the “Embed…” button.
  2. To my surprise, things got solved, but the font looked a bit different compared to when I had the font installed and without choosing the “Embed” button. It looked a bit bolder and harder to read.

So, my final question is: Could anyone please help me to solve once and for all my font problems? Since the beginning of time I have fought this war with Flash… and believe me… I’m getting kicked by it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much in advance,

PS1: I’m using Flash 8 here.
PS2: A link to a definitive tutorial on using fonts would also be great in case you are not feeling like typing