Fade image in/out scripting (AS2)


I have successfully coded for my images to load in randomly (thanks to Roalr!) and now I am trying to get the movieclip loader to fade in when a button is rolled over, and fade back out when rolled off.

Can anyone help me out with this script? My issue is my image shows up faded (just how I want) but it doesn’t fade in to 100% when the button is rolled over. It just stays the same 40% as it was when the flash loaded.

I have this on my main frame:

//Box Fade in Scripts
fadeAmount = 25;

function fadeOut() {
this._alpha -= fadeAmount;
if (this._alpha<=40) {
this._alpha = 40;
this.onEnterFrame = null;

function fadeIn() {
this._alpha += fadeAmount;
if (this._alpha>=100) {
this._alpha = 100;
this.onEnterFrame = null;

box_0._alpha = 40;
box_1._alpha = 40;
box_2._alpha = 40;
box_3._alpha = 40;

And this on my button (mcbox3):

on (rollOver) {

_root.box_3 = function() {
_root.box_3.onEnterFrame = fadeIn;


Any ideas?