Fade in JPG's using LoadMovie

I’m just wondering if this is possible and if so can anyone point me in the right way to go about it, I have to admit I’m more of a designer then an actionscripter.

I’ve got various buttons on my page and an empty movie clip entitled PHOTO. Loading in the photographs required to PHOTO is easy as anything, however is it at all possible to have the photographs fade

the loaded movie’s can’t be faded or anything from the main movie. You have to make the actions for the fading effect inside the loaded movie, and trigger them from the main movie. I think. well at least that’s the only possible way I can figure.
I’m on a non-flashed PC right know so… haven’t tested it :slight_smile:

Not sure I understand your question correctly, but if I do, you can check the photo gallery tutorial on this site.

pom :asian: