Fade in external jpg with on release

I know this has been touched on before specifically here: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/photogallery.htm

but what I am wanting to do is a variation on this theme. I have a movieclip nestled in a movieclip notation: _root.frontmovie.frontmovie2 (it is animated)
I want to be able to load jpgs into it with a similar fade in fade out to the example above, but I dont just want to be able to step forward and back I want say 4 buttons on the main time line that target that movie clip each loading a specific gallery item into it as it scrolls slowly across the page.

I was prepared to settle for just a forward and back version aLa the photogallery version, but whenever I add the second . in the path, (in this instance before the " frontmovie2" term the photogallery code delivers and endless nAn loop. Anyone got any ideas about how I can achieve this> Much appreciated.