Fade on click

Yo people,

On my main movie I have background image…over which I intend to load other movies when people click buttons.

How, when someone clicks a button, can I FIRST slowly and elegantly fade the background photo (to an alpha state that is 75% less than original) AND THEN load the requested movie(s) on top of the main movie?

Also, the reverse would be nice. That is to say, if someone clicks on the “home” button the alpha state of the main photo returned to normal.

Any ideas?

Thanks all!


have you button on(release) fade out the background AND then have it set a var like goTo = “section you want to go to”

Then have your bg image (an MC) fade out and then check the var goTo and load the approproiate movie (this would use an if statement)

if ( goTo = profile) {
do this;

Hope this helps out.


I am a relative newbie myself but I think I can help a little. The actionscript you need is relatively straight forward. On the button to the pressed enter the following code in expert mode:

on(press) {
setProperty(“name of symbol”,_alpha,50);

50 being the alpha state, you can change this to whatever you want.

Alternatively create a button with an animated movie inside the desired state, with the movie, in this case your background image, tweening from 100% alpha to 0% or a similar figure.

Hope this helps. In anycase research placing movies inside buttons.


Maybe something like…

_root.bgClip._alpha -= 5
if (_root.bgClip._alpha <= 30){
_root.bgClip._alpha = 30;
//load vars here

Man oh man I hope thats right. 3am here and I am so tired, but can’t sleep. I get stupid when I am like this:-\

I believe he wanted to use buttons to fade a SEPERATE bg image, THEN bring in the needed movie… unles I missed something.

not directed to you lost! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats ok, I believe you are right. I haven’t slept in days so I am not really at the top of my game:(

I know that feeling :-\

Yes Ryall, you understand my question correctly. Thanks all for the posts.

Ryall, could I trouble you for a little more detail on the actionscript? I fundamentally understand what you said but my various combinations of code are certainly not correct.

Again, thanks all…