Fading loaded movies!

I was hoping someone could help me with this!
I have an emty movieclip in which I load external swf.
What I want to do is when I press “menu1” button a swf is loaded in the MC contents. I want this swf to fade in, not a problem. BUT when “menu2” button is pressed, I want the first swf to fade out, before the new swf is loaded, and so on. The same way the pictures fade in an out in the photogallery-tutorial on this site.
any help would be great!

you can get the fade in and out effects by putting a picture of your background over the mc you’re fading out and making it get more and more opaque … so that your mc appears to be disappearing

Hey Shuga! thx for replying!
I can’t use what u r suggesting though! First off my background is too complicated to fade in and out, secondly its cheating!!!:slight_smile:
U still whould need to give it some actions to fade in and out at the right time, might as well put these actions on the MC “contents”. Just need some help with these actons. I tried some different tings, but it just doesn’t work:*(

why don’t you just use the _alpha property of the mc

tell it to do



or something like that

I suggested that over ICQ too shuga…

appareantly that’s not what he wants… :-\

Me thinks I know what he wants, but it’s really complicated to explain…


I’ll try to explain it better if I can!
the MC alpha settings is depended of the button u press!
If a swf is loaded into the mc, and u press a button to load in another mc, u have to tell the mc to wait unloading the current swf, until the alpha value is =0, THEN it should load in the new swf. When this is loaded, the alpha value shall return to 100%. At this point I can use what u r suggesting. My problem is to make the current swf, contained in the mc, to fade out BEFORE it starts loading another one!
Hope u can understand what I mean!

only problem with this is synchronization … getting the fading out to be the exact time it takes to load the new picture

if not for this it would be relatively simple …

just set your mc to fade out and then set a variable to fade it back in onLoad of the new picture.

but i’m wondering why you need a load dependant script for images … are they really so large that you need to load them dynamically … and if they are … why don’t you size them down on the web … users don’t have much patience … even if they know something is loading.

also … you said your bg was too complicated. in my humble opinion bgs should always be simple when there is something changing on them … i.e. the bg behind a picture thats changing … it creates too much confusion otherwise . .its good for pitctures to have a frame.

so from what i understand of what you’re doing i think the easiest way to do it is to figure out how to get a variable to pay attention to bytesLoaded / bytesTotal and adjust the _alpha property accordingly. and no i don’t know the script for that off the top of my head.

i hope atleast some of this rambling gave you some ideas :slight_smile:

year! I think it did! Only question is if my little brain can figure it out!!! It’s not that my loaded swf is that big (30kb or so). It’s the menu’s I load in! just want to make the fadeing to make a softer looking transsision between the clips! But still, the time it takes download takes a little longer time on some computers, therefor I think it whould be best to code it this way, to avoid any kind of non-synchronization!
And the background being to complex! Well, maybe its me who’s a bit lazy! There is the background and one MC I whould have to fade! thats two! If I fade the MC its one!! hehe
anyways, thanks!:slight_smile:
I’ll try to mess around with it, but if anyone can help me actually make the code that whould be great!!:slight_smile: